CEO Questionnaire

Make the Most of Your Life Questionnaire and Learn what to do to Become the CEO of your own Life.

Ordinary people can achieve EXTRAordinary results if they develop the right mindset and learn to Become the CEO of their own Life.

So how does the “Make the Most Of Your Life” Questionnaire work?

It is an electronic, fully automated, quick response, guided questionnaire downloaded on your computer in a flash, which means you can quickly and easily discover all these amazing tips and strategies in as little as 10 minutes from now to help you become a world class performer too.

This is not like any other test you will find on the internet. It has been developed and tested over many years with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Every question has many different responses and thus you will receive individualized results with your own personal action plan of exactly what you need to do.

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Become the CEO of your OWN LIFE

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover from the book
  • How to energise you! And you don’t have to workout to do this one or even eat special foods! Our bodies are the most important piece of equipment we possess. Discover what really gets you going and how you can create even more energy in your life. (Page 5)
  • Develop your own daily routine for success. Winners in the game of life have their own unique success systems, rituals and daily habits. They know they can achieve the goals they set themselves. Learn what the pros do. Live the life you love. Be extraordinary. (page 36-39)
  • Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. Learn how to tune in within. All your answers are already within you, if you would only learn to listen. (Chapter 7)
  • 3 simple ways to increase your health, fitness and strength – Commit to Get Fit even if you’ve never thought you had the time or patience to do it. Your health is your fortune. Don’t be the richest person in the cemetery. Get fit and you will be truly rich and every other area of your life will fly. (page 3-6)
  • Do you sometimes lose concentration and get tired? Our brain relies on glucose circulating in the blood as its source of energy. Learn how to feed your brain and learn what to eat so you can stay focussed throughout the day. (Page 9)
  • Discover in a matter of minutes how to treasure your family and friends, create new relationships and resolve conflicts quickly without the stress and hassles. Learn different ways of expressing your love to those closest to you. Be open, be honest, be compassionate, be understanding. Show empathy and come from your heart with love and then it is a win-win for everyone. (Chapter 3)
  • 10 Proven strategies for perfecting your environment. Declutter your home and clear your life by perfecting your home and your office and putting systems in place. Imagine how you will feel with so much more energy, and back in control of your life. And you will know where everything is! Make space for what you really want. (Chapter 5)
  • Stop wasting time. Learn how to plan to win and organise and prioritise all you have to do. Create more time to do what you love and turn your dreams into a reality. Life is a journey, not a destination. (Chapter 9)
  • The number one hindrance that stops ordinary people from becoming extraordinary is… driving themselves too hard and leaving insufficient time for recovery… discover the secrets that peak performing athletes use (it’s mind bogglingly easy), and how it’s helping people from CEO’s to Kindergarden teachers to get more done in less time. (page 59-62)
That’s really just a fraction of what you’ll find out in “Become The CEO Of Your Own Life” book. And when you take ‘Make the most of your Life’ Questionnaire you will get your own personal action plan of exactly what you need to do.

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