Peak Performance Specialist

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The difference between ordinary and Extraordinary is that little extra. Be all you can be. Dream Big. Create a winning game plan and achieve your highest potential. Ann has helped many athletes achieve their greatest successes, from winning Gold medals and Grand Slams to guiding Executives and Performing Artists to achieve their dreams and create the life they love.

You too can Be Extraordinary.

Secrets to Sporting Success

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Ann’s latest book – “How to be an Extraordinary Athlete”

“An invaluable asset to anyone pursuing excellence”
Paul Annacone, Coach of Roger Federer, former coach of Pete Sampras

“This will assist motivated, talented athletes to live their dreams.”
David Parkin, four time AFL Premiership coach

“A must-have book for any athlete wanting to be a winner”
James Woorall, CEO Leaders in Performance


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Business is just like pro sport. It has high pressure to succeed, daily rigorous demands and high stress. And it is not getting any easier.
It starts with understanding you, what stresses you, and what drives you. We are all unique and we all can Be Extraordinary. Get energised to lead; Work smarter; Recharge your mind and your body and Get the Executive Edge.

Elite Athletes

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What would you love to achieve?
Aim higher.
Get rid of those negative thoughts that hold you back.
Think like a winner and develop your own winning rouines.
Get energised to perform and recover to win.
Focus and relax when the pressure is really on.
Set yourself up for success and Be Extraordinary.


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“Energetic, inspiring and passionate”, Ann shares her wisdom, knowledge and experience working all over the world, coaching elite athletes and CEO’s to win on the field or in the board room and most importantly in the game of life.  Topics include, Winning, Become the CEO of your Life, Leadership Essentials….