Peak Performance Specialist

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The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is that little extra.

Be all you can be. Dream Big. Create a winning game plan and achieve your highest potential.
Ann has helped many athletes achieve their greatest successes, from winning Gold medals and Grand Slams
to guiding Executives and Performing Artists to achieve their dreams and create the life they love.

You too can Be Extraordinary.

Elite Athletes

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Are you mentally tough when the pressure is really on?

Are you your own biggest opponent?

Do you get nervous when the competition gets tight on big points in a match, or perhaps you really don’t believe in yourself?


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Are you stressed out and feeling the pressure? Do you have no time for you, let alone to spend with family and friends? Sound familiar but how do other people manage it? Every elite sports star and business leader is surrounded by coaches and advisors helping them to achieve outstanding results.

Questionnaire & eBook

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Become the CEO of your own Life!

A new breakthrough Lifestyle Questionnaire and Book filled with Peak Performance Secrets that I’ve used to train World Champions as well as stressed out people all over the world who want to ‘Make the Most of their Life!’