Develop an Executive Winning Mindset

Your greatest strength comes from within

C – Conquer your stress

E – Energise you

O – Organise your life

Are you ready to win this game called life? When you have conquered your stress, you have more energy and are organised; then you can really be more productive, more effective and revitalized to enjoy the journey and live life to the full.

I absolutely love teaching this program as the changes in people are amazing. Imagine looking back on your life in a month from now, knowing confidently you are the CEO of your life, personally and professionally.

1. Visioning Session

The program begins with a review of your test results from Become the CEO of your Life Questionnaire. ( We then design a great day together to develop your own Winning Game Plan for your Extraordinary Life.

2. VIP Day

This extra special day is very unique and tailored just for you.
You will be uplifted and transformed with:

    • A compelling vision and action plans for your success
    • Knowing how to energise you with exercises and super foods
    • Unique success routines and daily happiness actions
    • A winning mindset
    • How to organise your work week
    • Set up your environment for success
    • Bring balance to your life and make your dreams a reality.

3. Two Follow Up Sessions

After our VIP day we do two more sessions a month apart, to keep you on track and provide continuing support and motivation to make your goals and dreams a reality.

Become the CEO of your own life and create a road map for your own success, health and happiness.

As this is a full day with me, one on one, I can only take a handful of people each year, so If you think this program might be for you, then please contact me immediately so you do not miss out.

To purchase Ann’s Ebook or “Become the CEO of your Life” questionnaire, click here or on the image below.


A race horse that can run a second faster is worth twice as much.That little extra proves to be the greatest value. And so too, it is with tennis players.

Ann you are a blessing. Through your supportive and dynamic approach, you have given me the clarity I have been seeking. Your enthusiasm and passion and taking massive-action attitude just radiates from you. After each meeting you reignite my burning desire to achieve my dreams and inspire me to push out the boundaries into unknown territories. Thank you. Your friendship is cherished.

It has been a pleasure to be coached by Ann. Apart from helping me organise my life personally, she guided me through all the work topics I brought to the table. She always seems to know what the right questions are to ask and is a great listener. Her support and commitment to me excelling helped me to take my business to new levels. The ROI has been enormous, personally and professionally.

After hearing Ann speak, I knew she was the coach for me. Her energy and passion for all she does is amazing. Thanks for awakening the real me within and realigning my values and goals and helping to create a wonderful new direction for me. Opportunities are now abounding. You are an absolute inspiration and I look so much forward to our sessions each month.