Ann’s Tennis Background

Ann knows tennis inside out and back to front! She is a qualified coach, trainer to many past Grand Slam champions and an international speaker at tennis conferences all over the world. She has written books on tennis that have been sold in over 120 countries, travelled on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) tours for over 15 years and has trained hundreds of elite players the world over.

She was formerly Health and Fitness Director at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida, and National Director of Coach Education for Tennis Australia, as well as being Head of Sports Science and Innovation for British Tennis. Ann has also been a member of various International Coaching, Sports Science and Sports Medicine Commissions for over 10 years and has served on the WTA Professional Development Panel for the past 16 years.

Ann’s Tennis Honours

Dr Quinn has been honoured with many awards including being one of only two Australians to win the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Award for services to the game in coaching. She has also been awarded an Australian Sports Medal, the Professional Tennis Registry Plagenhoef Sport Science Award, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

Tennis Movement

Footwork is the name of the game. It’s no use having great strokes if you are not in position to play them!

Are you quick and agile or sometimes just a little bit late to the ball?
Do your slow reactions cost you valuable opportunities?

Ann totally understands the complexity of preparing tennis players and all that is needed to excel on and off the court. Tennis players today must be super quick to sprint a few metres to the ball and yet matches can take longer than a marathon to complete. They have to have the vision and reaction to consistently hit balls over 160km per hour as well as starting, stopping, changing direction, jumping and be balanced and flexible enough to hit wide balls on the run! Combine this with your own strengths and weaknesses, your past injury history, your training age, ability, style, development, and the surfaces you play on and you will understand the complexity.

Ann specialises in tennis specific movement training at her court at home in Melbourne, Australia. To improve your footwork click on this link to get fitter and faster.

Tennis Specific Movement Training

  • Forward movement
  • Lateral movement
  • Backward movement
  • Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Planned Agility
  • Reactive Agility
  • Dynamic Balance and Reaction and Response Training
  • Volley Footwork
  • Recovery
  • Agility Endurance

A race horse that can run a second faster is worth twice as much.
That little extra proves to be the greatest value.
And so too, it is with tennis players.

Other Sports Science Support Given

    • Tennis fitness and movement evaluation
    • Think like a winner – See Winning Mindset Program
    • Tennis specific fitness programs
    • Plan to win
    • Recover to win
    • Fuel yourself to win
    • Specific, technical goals and visualisation
    • Stress, exercise, sleep and recovery analysis using heart rate variability

They say behind every successful man is a woman and relationships aside, Ann has been that one person for me. She helped me become one of the fittest tennis players to ever walk on a tennis court. And one of the things that makes her so special is not only her incredible knowledge of the different ways to train an athlete but her understanding of the other issues that engulf our lives. Ann is a perfectionist and it shows. She has an open mind and a great thirst to learn and grow and I admire that immensely. She has given me so much strength by her confidence and enthusiasm and without her efforts, I would have given up hope on many occasions. Above and beyond all that is her greatest quality, her caring heart.

Pat Cash
Former Wimbledon Champion, Australian Davis Cup Hero

Some of the tennis players Ann has trained include:

Pat Cash – Wimbledon Champion, World No 4
Pat Rafter – Two times US Open Champion, World No 1
Hana Mandlikova – 2 x Australian Open Champion, US Open Champion and French Open Champion, World No 3
Nicole Provis – Semi Finalist French Open, Winner Australian Open and US Open Mixed Doubles, Career high ranking of 24 in singles and 11 in doubles
Todd Woodbridge – Winner of 16 Grand Slam Doubles Titles and 6 Mixed Doubles Grand Slam titles and Olympic Gold Medallist
Rachel McQuillan – Achieved a career high ranking of World No 28 in singles and 15 in doubles
Andrew Ilie – Achieved a career high singles ranking of World No 38
Jennifer Capriati –Former, World No 1, French Open Champion, 2 x Australian Open Champion and Gold Medallist
Karolina Sprem – Achieved a career high ranking of World No 17 in singles

Wheelchair Players
Shingo Kuneida – Triple Paralympic Gold Medallist, Winner of more than 20 Grand Slams, 8 times ITF World Champion and World Number 1 Wheelchair Tennis Player
Peter Norfolk – 5 x Australian Open Singles Champion, 2 x US Open Singles Champion, 2 x Gold Medalist and World No 1
Lucy Shuker – Career best singles ranking of World No 5 and World No 3 in doubles, 2 x Paralympic Bronze Medalist, and 4 x Wimbledon Doubles Finalist
And a multitude of elite juniors the world over in Australia, UK and USA