Become an Encourager

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How often do you encourage all those around you? It is small people that belittle your ambitions. Stay away from them. The really great people are the ones that make you feel that you too, can become great. Here are some tips by John C Maxwell to help you become more of an encourager.

1. Appreciate the power of Encouragement. It is oxygen for the soul.

2. Believe in People – If you don’t believe in people, they won’t believe you.

3. Build Relationships – The closer you are, the more your encouragement counts.

4. Walk your Talk – Model first what you would encourage others to do.

5. Show People You Think They’re Important – Remember their names and ask for their help.

6. Give People a Reputation to Uphold – People rise to our level of expectations.

7. Reward what you Value – What gets rewarded gets done.

8. Holds More Celebrations – Acknowledging wins motivates people to keep trying.

9. Encourage Participation and Ownership -People don’t get down on what they’re up on.

10. Raise the Bar – Many people will stretch to success if challenged

Challenge yourself this week to encourage as many people as you can!

Enjoy the rewards

With love

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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