Extraordinary Productivity

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Are you extraordinarily productive? I am not just talking about your time. It’s also about managing your decisions, your attention and energy too. All my clients are extraordinary people but I am always looking for ways to help them shine even more.


1    Act on the important. Don’t react to the urgent.
In today’s world, people are drowning in email, overwhelmed with demands, and trying to do more with less. Filter the vitally important priorities from distractions so you can focus on making a real contribution.

2    Go for extraordinary. Don’t settle for ordinary.
Everyone wants to make a difference, but competing priorities often prevent them from achieving extraordinary results. Redefine your goals in terms of extraordinary results to achieve high-priority goals.

3    Schedule the big rocks. Don’t sort gravel.
The crushing increase in workday pressures can make people feel helpless and out of control. Schedule planning and execution that produces extraordinary outcomes.

4    Rule your technology. Don’t let it rule you.
An electronic avalanche of email, texts, and social-media alerts seriously threaten productivity as never before. Optimise platforms to boost your productivity.
5    Fuel your fire. Don’t burn out.
Today’s exhausting, high-pressure work environment burns people out at an alarming rate. Consistently recharge your mental and physical energy through exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation and human connection.

Wishing you extraordinary success and happiness

Love Ann

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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