The Winning Edge from Guangzhou

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Greetings this week come to you from Guangzhou, China where I have had the honour to speak to 15,000 people.  Here are a few tips from my speech to help you get the Winning Edge.


Never give up, because anything is possible if you really want it. Dreams come true when you work hard enough to get them.
Monica Puig, 2016 – Olympic Gold Medallist, Tennis


Winners all have negative thoughts too. They get nervous and worried, just like the rest of us. The difference is they do not hold onto them. They focus on what they want to achieve.


Make good habits and they will make you and visualise them every single day. Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time said he spends two hours a day visualising his performances.


You must never, ever stop improving.
My life is constantly under construction.
Monica Puig
What are you doing to improve each day?


We are only limited by our ability to dream big.
Set goals high and change the world.
David Wentz
Co-Chief Executive Officer, USANA Health Sciences


Get the Winning Edge!
Wishing you quintessential success

With love from China


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