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From Grand Slams to Gold Medals and World Champions, Dr. Ann Quinn has a long track record of creating Winners.

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Meet Dr Ann Quinn

As a peak performance coach, international consultant to sporting and business organisations, author and Keynote speaker, my drive and passion is always the same – to help you totally believe in you, develop a winning mindset and Be Extraordinary! 

A Proven Record of Success

I have been fortunate to help a lot of my athletes achieve their greatest dreams…from winning Wimbledon, becoming World Champions and winning Gold Medals, as well as coaching executives, performers and high achievers from all walks of life to build a winning mindset and connect to their own inner power and excel in their chosen field.

With a diverse academic background across all the Sports Sciences (Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Human Movement and Nutrition) and over 30 years of experience working in the world of elite sport, I understand what it takes to succeed.

It is the little differences that make the BIG difference.

Over the years, so many of my clients have had doubts and fears that have held them back from being all they can be.  Is that you too?

Do you believe deep down you can do it? 

As I often say the difference between ordinary and Extraordinary is that little extraIt is the knowing you can win and not having one little doubt versus, hoping you will win. It is about being 100% focused and present, versus being 95% focused. It is being fit and energised so you can play full out with 100% intensity instead of just doing what you have always done.

Over the last 15 years, I have added another dimension to my coaching by helping my clients connect deeply into their hearts and access their intuition and inner power. Deep down, we all know we are capable of so much more. When we let go of our fears and limiting beliefs, and understand ourselves at a really deep level, we breakthrough to all we truly can be and totally trust ourselves. The lessons for my clients have been profound and life changing, challenging and liberating.

I look forward to supporting and inspiring you to really believe in yourself, achieve your dreams, and Be Extraordinary.

Winners consistently control their thoughts, their actions and their daily routines and create an Extraordinary Life.
Make great habits and they will make you.


The athletes she has worked with include Pat Cash (whom she coached to his Wimbledon crown), Pat Rafter, Australian Cricket Team members, an Aussie Rules National Team, World Boxing and Kickboxing Champions and multiple Paralympic Gold Medalists, including Shingo Kuneida, who has won 50 Grand Slams.

  • PhD (Psychology) – University of Melbourne
  • Master of Science (Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology) – University of Illinois
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) – RMIT
  • Graduate Diploma in Education – University of Melbourne
  • Diploma in Nutrition – The College of Nutritional Medicine, London
  • Diploma of Tennis Coaching – Tennis Coaches Association of Victoria 
  • Elite Professional – United States Professional Tennis Association

Short Bio

Ann’s passion is to help you develop a winning mindset and Be Extraordinary.

From coaching executives to sporting stars, from teaching Performance Psychology at Melbourne University, to coaching top 10 players on the professional tennis tour and heading up Sports Science and Innovation at British Tennis, Ann has coached lots of high achievers.

She was the woman behind Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash and US Open Champion Pat Rafter, the first female to train an Aussie Rules National Team, as well as many other sporting legends in different sports. She has also held Leadership positions in private companies and large organizations as well as running her own consulting business.

Ann is an inspiring and energetic speaker and has travelled the world lecturing on 6 continents and in more than 30 countries. Whether it is to an audience of 15 or 15,000, she speaks with authority, experience and passion on topics in peak performance, from developing a winning mindset, and getting the winning edge through to becoming the CEO of your own Life – Conquering your stress, Energising you and Organising your Life.

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