How To Be An Extraordinary Athlete eBook Edition


The complete, all chapters-in-one, edition of How to be an Extraordinary Athlete as an eBook. Get access to the complete work of Dr Quinn’s expertise plus bonus access to download material! These consist of 25 additional worksheets accompanying the book that allow you to take your self-coaching out of theory and into practice.

In How to be an Extraordinary Athlete, you’ll discover:

How to turn your dreams into reality

This book shows you how with inspirational examples, best practices, sports science tips and secrets of sporting success.

The success routines of champions
How to believe in yourself and develop a winning mindset.

How to train to be extraordinary
and how to recover to win and energise to perform.

That nothing is impossible
Learn how to overcome injuries and tough times.

How to plan to win
Be all you can be and Be Extraordinary.

How to take action
This book contains simple, practical exercises and lots of great worksheets to help you to reach your full potential.