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 Ann has made a great impact on my life.  When we started working back in 2006, I never believed I would become the best player in the world. From Ann, I have learned the power of belief, and knowing within me. All her methods are both simple and effective. Her constant support, and her knowledge in the mental training, physical training, nutrition and on court drills all helped me win all Grand Slam titles and my dream of an Olympic Gold medal.

Moreover, she helped me become the person I always wanted to be. I have the greatest respect for Ann and trust in her, and always will. Meeting her changed my life.

Shingo Kunieda

Winner of 50 Grand Slams, Four Paralympic Gold Medals and 9 times ITF World Champion

They say behind every successful man is a woman and relationships aside, Ann has been that one person for me. She helped me become one of the fittest tennis players to ever walk on a tennis court. And one of the things that makes her so special is not only her incredible knowledge of the different ways to train an athlete but her understanding of the other issues that engulf our lives. Ann is a perfectionist and it shows. She has an open mind and a great thirst to learn and grow and I admire that immensely. She has given me so much strength by her confidence and enthusiasm and without her efforts, I would have given up hope on many occasions. Above and beyond all that is her greatest quality, her caring heart.

Pat Cash

Former Wimbledon Champion, Australian Davis Cup Hero

Ann taught me to not ever doubt myself at all.

Pat Rafter

Former World Number One and twice US Open Champion

Ann’s work with me is genuinely life changing. The hard work and the early morning zoom calls across the world have helped me flourish and grow, not only as an athlete but also as a young man that is determined to reach multiple levels of success on and off the court. She’s helped me clear my deepest doubts and truly believe that I can achieve whatever I want in life. She’s one of the closest people in my life, is a friend and coach that I trust in entirely, and we’re just at the start of our journey. I’m blessed to have her in my team.

David Quayle

Tennis player, UK

Her success goes deeper than telling sports stars what to eat, how to exercise and improve their fitness level, and how to improve their mental attitude. She becomes a part of the family, gets to know some of their more intimate secrets….there’s not much Melbourne based Ann doesn’t know, but she never spills the beans – she’s always tight lipped when it comes to nitty-gritty gossip that everyone would love to hear!

The Australian Women’s Weekly

Dr. Ann has coached me for 7 years, to back-to-back gold medals in the 100 metres at the Pararlympic Games. She is totally committed, a great friend, and has helped me enormously on and off the track.

John Lindsay O.A.M.

Triple Paralympic Gold Medalist


Her contribution to our Team has been outstanding. She has completed detailed assessments of our Executive Board using cutting edge technology to assess their daily stress and recovery, quality of sleep and performance and productivity. As a CEO, it is important that each member of my team is able to maximise their performance through balance and harmony within themselves and their team. Ann’s individualised coaching of each member of my Executive Team really helped them understand more about themselves, how they react and cope with stress, ultimately motivating them to make key changes in managing their work and lifestyles and influencing performance.

Justin Stead

CEO, Radley, UK and Founder Aurelius Foundation, Europe

There are some people we meet in life that impact us profoundly for the better. Ann Quinn has been an amazing mentor, friend and confidante over many years. Her programs are tailored to every person’s unique needs and deliver exceptional value for every high performer. With a proven track record working with some of the world’s best athletes, businesses & entrepreneurs, Ann helps you discover the self belief & rituals guaranteed to change your life. With genuine care like no other, Ann will inspire you to elevate your game, unlocking your true potential. Her unwavering belief, encouragement & tools for you to Master your own mind and succeed at anything in life make her a rare gem. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for Ann & her coaching. Do your future self a favour and connect with Ann today.

Luke Fuller

Founder and CEO, Ace Sports Clinics, Australia and Canada

Ann incorporates the winning concepts she developed coaching the world’s top athletes to her executive program. She screened my strengths and weaknesses in every area and focused on bringing me to my Peak Performance level. It’s brilliant and effective, because she covers ALL areas. Her own standards are at peak level and besides, Ann is a truly caring and warm professional. I highly recommend working with Ann.

Andre Voskuil

CEO at NTI Nanotechnology Corp, British Columbia, Canada

From my personal experience and in observing Ann Quinn’s methods as they relate specifically to performance psychology, I have no hesitation in recording my opinion that she is one of the most remarkable communicators and ‘problem solvers’ that I have come across in my career as a performing musician and as an academic. Her great expertise is enhanced by a personality which is both inspiring and endearing.

Dr Tony Gould

Pianist and Composer, Former Head of School, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University

To put it simply, working with you has been life changing and I am forever grateful for your heartfelt time and energy. You are every bit of the extraordinary that you encourage me to be.

Sarah Jayne Kavali

Creative Art Director, New Zealand

I am in gratitude to Ann for my inner transformation I am living my own best version with true purpose, no more trying, no more running round in circles and feeling depleted by not achieving my goals. I am continuously evolving to be the best I can be, achieving extraordinary outcomes. The positive transformation over a short period of time has saved me so much money and time.

Dhilharan Sivaratnam

Property developer, Entrepreneur and the Founder of OYOB Group


I had the recent privilege of having Dr. Ann Quinn present at our Asia Pacific Convention in Singapore, where 6000 delegates from 20 countries speaking multiple languages and representing a variety of cultures, gathered to be motivated and inspired. Dr. Quinn delivered! I was most impressed with her engagement and preparation prior to the event. Dr. Quinn was very thorough in asking and responding to the needs of our associates, learning about our objectives and customizing her presentation to create the maximum impact for us. On site, she was prepared and paid meticulous attention to details- a true professional in every way and such a pleasure to work with! Thank you Dr. Quinn for being part of our event and inspiring our associates to become true champions!

Shawn McLelland

Vice President, Studios & Events Usana Health Sciences

The Flemish Society for Sports Psychology invited Dr Ann Quinn as the keynote lecturer for our 21st Anniversary. We commend Dr Quinn for her excellent presentation on Multidisciplinary Teamwork in Elite Sports. Her extensive multidisciplinary background, both academic and applied, made her an excellent choice for this presentation.

Dr D. Cuyper

President of Flemish Society for Sports Psychology, Belgium

Ann Quinn is one of the most respected tennis coaches in the world today. She is not only a world renowned expert in Physiology and Psychology but she has also worked successfully with athletes from many different sports including tennis players Pat Cash and Patrick Rafter. Ann is one of the ITF’s most popular presenters and has presented on numerous topics related to high performance training at ITF workshops including the ITF regional and ITF Worldwide Coaches Workshops. In fact she was voted top speaker at our last Worldwide Coaches Workshop. Ann is a member of the ITF Coaches Commission and has also helped the ITF to put together many of our educational resources including the ITF Strength and Conditioning book and the ITF Sports Psychology manual.

Dave Miley

Tennis Director, Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, Former Director of Development, International Tennis Federation

It is my honour to recommend Dr. Ann Quinn whom we had a privilege to have as a speaker on several occasions in Japan. Dr. Quinn is well organized, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, highly adaptable to any given situation, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her seminars were well received from all the Japanese regions and despite her tight daily schedule, Dr. Quinn constantly reviewed the response of the audience and updated her presentation in order to ensure audiences’ understanding on her topics. For instance, she included Japanese meal plans when she covered nutritional information so the audiences can use all they learned, the very next day. Dr. Quinn was always kind and cheerful to everyone she met. During her stay at our facility, she was always open to questions from the staffs, gave thorough answers to each question, and even sent useful information to some of them via email after she left Japan. I highly recommend Dr. Quinn as an inspiring and energetic speaker.

Munehiro Yoshida

Chairman of Yoshida Memorial Tennis Training Center, Japan

A first class Winning Session – one of the best we have had. Thanks for all your efforts, research, passion and energy! Outstanding.

Roger Draper

Former CEO, Lawn Tennis Association, Great Britain


Having known and worked with Ann Quinn for a couple of decades, I was delighted to find this talented and committed teacher, coach, mentor and sports scientist, has finally put her personal and professional experiences and understandings into print.

Much has been written by many attempting to assist athletes to optimise their latent talent. Few have managed to unite the theory and practice as Ann has in this book. To provide best practice across all aspects of athletic performance in one meaningful book is a huge challenge.

By blending the elements of her own experience, observations of great performers, and the latest sports science research (physiology, psychology, skill acquisition, biomechanics, nutrition), ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’ has achieved just that. This is a publication which will assist motivated, talented athletes to live their dreams.

David Parkin

Four Time AFL (Australian Football League) Premiership Coach, Adjunct Professor – Deakin University Melbourne, Inductee Australia Sports Hall of Fame

If there was ever a person who qualifies to write a book on sporting champions, it’s Ann Quinn. Ann has experienced the biggest events in sports from the inside. She has seen it all – the good, bad and ugly, the blood, sweat and tears, the works. It was almost unheard of to have a female expert in the world of men’s sports in the mid 80s. Her unbridled search and knowledge of peak performance gives her athletes the edge. I would never of reached the highest peaks in my sport without Ann. Her knowledge and experience in all elements of the sporting world is extraordinary.

Pat Cash

Former Wimbledon Champion, Australian Davis Cup Hero

Dr. Quinn’s extensive experience in sports makes this book an invaluable asset to anyone pursuing excellence. ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’ comprehensively discusses all the areas of development that make for the complete athlete. Dr. Quinn’s attention to detail and knowledge base will point the way if you are truly seeking to be the best you can be.

Paul Annacone

Coach of Taylor Fritz, Former coach of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Sloane Stephens, Previously, Managing Director of USTA High Performance and Head Coach of Men’s Tennis, LTA

In ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete: The Secrets of Sporting Success’, Dr. Ann Quinn combines her extensive knowledge of sport science and psychology with her years of experience consulting with athletes and coaches, many who have been some of the best in the world, to develop a holistic guide to achieving excellence in sport. Whether you are an athlete or coach, this book will systematically walk you through what it takes to develop into a champion. It begins with lessons on how to guide your athletic journey by establishing your dreams and then discusses how to turn those dreams into reality.

Much of the book then focuses on practical strategies for setting and reaching your goals, maintaining your motivation and energy, and strategies for navigating the many challenges and setbacks that accompany the pursuit of sporting excellence. Practically written and filled with stories and case reports from her efforts to help top performers become all they are capable of being, Quinn’s book is an easy and enjoyable read but one that is consistent with the growing body of knowledge on the psychology of athletic excellence. It is a must read for anyone who desires to develop into an extraordinary athlete!

Professor Dan Gould

Department of Kinesiology (Applied Sport Psychology Specialization) Director, Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, Michigan State University

For the past twelve years, Ann has made an extraordinary impact on my life. Her knowledge in all areas, her constant support and guidance has played a vital role in my success. I highly recommend her book to all athletes and coaches. It is subarashi*! (* subarashi is Japanese for fantastic).

Shingo Kunieda

Winner of 50 Grand Slams, Four Paralympic Gold Medals and 9 times ITF World Champion

Ann’s work in the world of performance development is, in my opinion, second to none. Her dedication to discovering tools and techniques for athletes to use to improve their performance is outstanding and ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’ illustrates this perfectly. It is a must read for any sports man or sports woman who is serious about succeeding.

Jonathan Stanger

Director and Co-Founder, Raise the Bar

Awards and Recognition

Ann has been internationally honoured with many awards and worldwide recognition for her work.

International Tennis Federation Award for Services to the Game

In recognition of a long and distinguished service to coaching and the game of tennis

Stanley Plagenhoef Award

For excellence in Sports Science, Professional Tennis Registry, USA

Australian Sports Medal

From the Prime Minister of Australia on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for contribution to tennis

National Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year


Peak Performance Specialist of Shingo Kunieda

Winner of four Paralympic Gold Medals, 50 Grand Slams and 9 time ITF World Champion, Men’s Wheelchair Tennis.

Tennis Coaches Australia Hall of Fame – Victoria

Inducted into the TCAV Hall of Fame in recognition of outstanding contribution to tennis coaching and to the game of tennis within the state of Victoria.

Tennis Coaches Australia Award

In recognition of outstanding contribution over 20 years in founding and running the Australian Tennis Conference.

Australian Postgraduate Research Award

For PhD studies

Hugh Childers Prize

For outstanding teaching, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia