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What Ann’s Clients Are Saying

Ann shares her wisdom, and experience working all over the world, coaching elite athletes and CEO’s to win on the field, in the boardroom and most importantly in the game of life.

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Develop a Winning Mindset

Developing a Winning Mindset and becoming extraordinary demands being totally prepared. It is the little differences that make the BIG difference.  Ann Quinn takes her audience on a journey to knowledge and inspiration.

Attendees will discover how to …
  • Drive to be the Best – Winners are dreamers
  • Set Extraordinary Plans
  • Believe to Succeed
  • Set Success Routines to Win
  • Get Energised to Perform
  • Create Winning Environments
  • Tune in within
  • Live with certainty

Energise You

Get ready to be energised! In this keynote, you will learn how to create even more energy in your life with fitness and nutrition hacks. Be inspired to set yourself up for success and create a sanctuary around you to live the life you love.

Attendees will discover how to …
  • Eat like a winner
  • Exercise to boost your energy 
  • Set your days up for success
  • Do what you love
  • Inspirit 
  • Cultivate the garden of your mind
  • Create your own haven

Become the CEO of Your Life

Work, partner, kids, hectic schedules, meetings, deadlines, emails… another busy week ahead and no time for you. Sound familiar? Stressed out even before the week begins? In this life changing workshop, Ann will teach you to master your life in all areas. It’s time to become the CEO of your Life. 

Attendees will discover how to …

C Conquer your Stress
E Energise you
O Organise your Life

Engage the Keynote Speaker Who Has a Proven Record of Extraordinary Success

Ann customises each speech and workshop following a detailed analysis of your specific outcomes and she is committed to helping your event be Extraordinary.