Extraordinary Executive Coaching
Get the Edge

When performance really matters

Business is just like pro sport. It has high pressure to succeed, daily rigorous demands and high stress. You must be clear in what you want to achieve and the decisions you must make. You must be focused, energised, extremely well organised and expect to achieve even in times of adversity. If your mind is strong, you are calm and in flow, you can achieve anything. All the wisdom and answers are already within you, but are you listening? Just like athletes, you too can benefit from having a coach, one who challenges you to bring your ‘A’ game to the office everyday and be a quintessential executive, and most importantly, enjoy your success.

Each Extraordinary Executive Program is unique to your needs. There is no secret formula for success but there are proven strategies, principles and practices. We work together to develop and enhance your confidence to deliver your goals and objectives. Be all you can be and achieve your highest potential.

  • Where are you at now and what are your goals? What do you really want to achieve personally and professionally and what is holding you back? Let’s get clarity.

  • Create a compelling vision and actions for success.

  • Learn to think like a winner in and out of the office.

  • Conquer your stress. (Performance and Lifestyle monitoring with heart rate variability analysis is used to understand what is really causing your stress, how you respond, how you sleep and how you recover).

  • Create your own unique success systems, routines and daily habits.

  • Learn how to take care of your physical body to feel more energised everyday. Good health really is true wealth.

  • Learn how to calm your mind and stay focused in the present.

  • Set up your environment for success.

  • Manage your time better and be 3 x more productive.

  • Bring balance to your life and make your dreams a reality.

How it works

  • Personal one on one coaching in person or over the phone is tailored to the needs of both company and individual in order to get the best results.

  • Executive performance coaching is usually conducted every two weeks initially and then monthly with unlimited support between sessions.

Extraordinary Leaders lead by example with their energy, their passion, their grand vision and their massive actions. They have a winning mindset and inspire others to their greatness. Importantly too they have fun and enjoy the journey.

Dr Ann Quinn

Ann incorporates the winning concepts she developed coaching the world's top athletes to her executive program. She screened my strengths and weaknesses in every area and focused on bringing me to my Peak Performance level. It's brilliant and effective, because she covers ALL areas. Her own standards are at peak level and besides, Ann is a truly caring and warm professional. I highly recommend working with Ann.

Andre Voskuil
CEO at NTI Nanotechnology Corp, British Columbia, Canada

Her contribution to our Team has been outstanding. She has completed detailed assessments of our Executive Board using cutting edge technology to assess their daily stress and recovery, quality of sleep and performance and productivity. As a CEO, it is important that each member of my team is able to maximise their performance through balance and harmony within themselves and their team. Ann’s individualised coaching of each member of my Executive Team really helped them understand more about themselves, how they react and cope with stress, ultimately motivating them to make key changes in managing their work and lifestyles and influencing performance.

Justin Stead
CEO, Radley, UK, Former CEO, Aurum Holdings, UK

Ann has a proven track record as a winning coach and she also walks her talk. Her passion to help and make a difference was evident from our first meeting. She was clearly not going to let me get way with just ok. She challenged me to step up and be all I am today, to better understand me, to lead, to overcome the negative beliefs and obstacles that were standing in my way and to be a more effective manager. She even got me back into exercise again and eating to win. I feel fantastic. Thanks for making my vision a reality. You are simply the best.

IT Project Manager, Florida, USA

Ann – you have stretched me and taken me to heights I did not think possible and I will be forever indebted to you. The outcomes, strategies and action plans we set together I have to be honest, I thought were too big, but with your support, your belief in me and our detailed plans made it all happen. WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Executive Director, Sydney, Australia