Injury Recovery

Dealing with an injury could be one of the toughest opponents an athlete may have to face.

For the elite athlete, a great deal of time and energy are invested in obtaining optimal performance in sport, hence any significant injury is likely to be perceived as a traumatic life event. Some athletes adjust to the stressful event with little difficulty while others are devastated by the experience.

Ann has worked with hundreds of full time professional athletes through their rehab. She has been through all the stress and traumas, the feelings of helplessness, anger, depression and uncertainty. She uses a sound foundation of mental edge skills to ensure a full recovery and confident return to competition.

Coaching sessions are designed and tailored to suit your needs and make sure you are back quickly, feeling really confident and ready to WIN.

    • Set clear rehabilitation goals
    • Increase confidence upon sports injury recovery
    • Enhance your skills with powerful visualisation techniques
    • Develop your own success routines on and off the court
    • Reduce your stress with relaxation and mindfulness
    • Decrease your hassles and increase your support
    • Understand why the injury happened to help prevent further injury
    • Turn your injury into an opportunity to come back fitter, faster, stronger and tougher

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.