Extraordinary Athlete Book

How To Be An Extraordinary Athlete

The Secrets to Sporting Success

Today, more than ever, athletes are raising the limits on what is achievable. Whatever the prize, be it a gold medal, winning the World Series, the World Cup or Wimbledon, athletes all want to be winners.

In How to be an Extraordinary Athlete, you’ll discover:

  • How to turn your dreams into reality

    This book shows you how with inspirational examples, best practices, sports science tips and secrets of sporting success.

  • The success routines of champions

    How to believe in yourself and develop a winning mindset.

  • How to train to be extraordinary

    and how to recover to win and energise to perform.

  • That nothing is impossible

    Learn how to overcome injuries and tough times.

  • How to plan to win

    Be all you can be and Be Extraordinary.

  • How to take action

    This book contains simple, practical exercises and lots of great worksheets to help you to reach your full potential.

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Dream as big as you can and anything is possible.

Michael Phelps – Winner of 23 Olympic Gold Medals and most decorated Olympian of all time

Having known and worked with Ann Quinn for a couple of decades, I was delighted to find this talented and committed teacher, coach, mentor and sports scientist, has finally put her personal and professional experiences and understandings into print.

Much has been written by many attempting to assist athletes to optimise their latent talent. Few have managed to unite the theory and practice as Ann has in this book.

To provide best practice across all aspects of athletic performance in one meaningful book is a huge challenge. By blending the elements of her own experience, observations of great performers, and the latest sports science research (physiology, psychology, skill acquisition, biomechanics, nutrition), ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’ has achieved just that. This is a publication which will assist motivated, talented athletes to live their dreams.

David Parkin
Four Time AFL (Australian Football League) Premiership Coach, Adjunct Professor – Deakin University Melbourne, Inductee Australia Sports Hall of Fame

If there was ever a person who qualifies to write a book on sporting champions it’s Ann Quinn. Ann has experienced the biggest events in sports from the inside. She has seen it all – the good, bad and ugly, the blood, sweat and tears, the works. It was almost unheard of to have a female expert in the world of men’s sports in the mid 80s. Her unbridled search and knowledge of peak performance gives her athletes the edge. I would never of reached the highest peaks in my sport without Ann. Her knowledge and experience in all elements of the sporting world is extraordinary

Pat Cash
Former Wimbledon Singles Champion

Ann recognizes the importance of being attuned to the needs of the complete athlete. She understands the complexity involved in becoming extraordinary and attending to the core elements of success. Ann leads by example. She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of continued excellence through her insatiable appetite for knowledge. Her book captures the essential disciplines required for success at the highest level and the realization of your dreams.

Kathleen Stroia, M.S., P.T., ATC
Senior Vice President | Sport Sciences Senior Vice President | Sport Sciences & Medicine and Transitions, WTA – Women’s Tennis Association

Having worked with professional athletes and top business executives, it’s quite clear that hard work, dedication and persistence truly do differentiate those who are successful from those who are not. In the end, it is about maximizing the talents and opportunities you have by stretching your limits and working to overcome obstacles to goal attainment. For every Martina Navratilova or Michael Jordan, there are hundreds of similarly gifted athletes who have failed at the highest levels not simply because of skill or luck, but because of their work ethic.

There is no ‘easy’ path or simple equation when it comes to being YOUR best or THE best. Ann recognizes the complexities involved in capitalizing on your potential, such as how you spend your time and with whom, maintaining physical and psychological health, working hard and smart, and being true to oneself. Fortunately, she tells you like it is.

Christopher Henry
Former NFL (National Football League) executive

This book is a must-have book for any athlete wanting to be a winner. Easy to read, practical, holistic and inspirational with lots of great tools to apply on and off the field for athletes and coaches.

James Worrall
CEO Leaders in Performance

Ann’s work in the world of performance development is, in my opinion, second to none. Her dedication to discovering tools and techniques for athletes to use to improve their performance is outstanding and ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’ illustrates this perfectly. It is a must read for any sports man or sports woman who is serious about succeeding.

Jonathan Stanger
Director, Raise the Bar