Are you getting the wins you deserve? Do you really believe in yourself?.

Tennis Confidence Mindset

When you are confident, you absolutely know. There are no doubts. You have total faith in yourself. It is confidence that helps bring your ambitious dreams into reality, and it is confidence that helps you perform at your peak.  Confidence keeps you going even when things are not going your way.  It is skill you learn and develop just like you practice your forehands and backhands. In this course you will learn lots of confidence boosting strategies to implement both on and off the court. 

Are you ready to win on and off the court? Then let’s begin! 

This course includes

  • 11 video modules with Dr Ann
  • Worksheets and exercises for each module 
  • One on one coaching with Dr Ann 
Meet Your Teacher

Dr Ann Quinn

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Read first hand accounts of Dr Ann Quinn’s amazing success coaching leading world athletes and executives from around the world.

Welcome to the Tennis Confidence Mindset Course

In this introductory session, you will understand more what confidence really is and the importance of mental training consistently. We will also do a quick evaluation of your own tennis confidence so you are all set to begin.

Free Bonuses When You Enrol Today

Bonus 1

Believe to Achieve – chapter from my book How to be an Extraordinary Athlete

Bonus 2

30 minute coaching session with Dr Quinn once you have completed the course.

Bonus 3

Your questions answered by email for 30 days post signing up for the course