Happy Christmas

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It is that time of year again! It is hard to believe another year has passed so quickly.  I hope you did achieve all those goals you set out to achieve and even more. It has been a hectic year for me with seven trips overseas speaking and consulting and renovating a house, so am looking forward to relaxing and enjoy this magical time of year and precious times with loved ones. When we remember a special Christmas, its not the presents that made it special, but the laughter, and the feeling of love and togetherness with our families and friends, that make it so special. Treasure all those special times.


The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
Burton Hillis
Christmas is not as much about opening our presents
as opening our hearts.
Janice Maeditere


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable and well deserved break.

Blessings and love


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