It is that time of year yet again! Happy Christmas to you all and I hope you are truly blessed in wonderful ways during this festive season. Take some time out to reflect and celebrate all your great wins and treasure all those magic times you had in 2012. And if you did have a few detours and challenges, know they are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you.   

The following passage was originally created for children. I hope it touches the child within you this Christmas and always.


The first gift is strength.
May you remember to call upon it whenever you need it.

The second gift is beauty.
If you look for it, it will always be there.

The third gift is courage.
May you speak and act with confidence and use courage to follow your own path.

The fourth gift is compassion.
May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you forgive those who hurt you and yourself when you make mistakes.

The fifth gift is hope.
Through each passage and season, may you trust the goodness of life.

The sixth gift is joy.
May it keep your heart open and filled with light.

The seventh gift is talent.
May you discover your own special abilities and contribute them toward a better world.

The eighth gift is imagination.
May it nourish your visions and dreams.

The ninth gift is reverence.
May you appreciate the wonder that you are, and the miracle of all creation.

The tenth gift is wisdom.
Guiding your way, wisdom will lead you through knowledge to understanding. May you hear its soft voice.

The eleventh gift is love.
It will grow each time you give it away.

The twelfth gift is faith.
May you always believe.
Author Unknown

I hope your new year is blessed with peace, love and happiness.

Have a great break and I will be back in your inbox in January

With Love and Gratitude



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