Hi Ann,

It is said that success is 90% sweat and only 10% talent. Here are a few examples of the effort expended by ‘talented’ people who succeeded.

CICERO practiced speaking before friends every day for 30 years to perfect his elocution.

PLATO wrote the first sentence of The Republic nine different ways before he was satisfied.

MILTON rose at four o’clock every morning to have enough hours for writing his Paradise Lost.

GIBBON spent twenty-six years on his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

NOAH WEBSTER labored 36 years writing his dictionary, crossing the Atlantic twice to gather material.

BYRON rewrote one of his poetic masterpieces 99 times before publication, and it became a classic.

Are you giving it your all to succeed? It is your attitude, your commitment, your dedication and perseverance – doing the hard work day in and day out and never ever giving up, that determines your ultimate success. Here’s to 90% sweat. Work hard and make sure you enjoy the journey too!



Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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