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A Recipe to Dream


WEEK 4 – APRIL 2005


Take one dream. Dream it in detail. Put it into your own hands.
See its final outcome clearly in your mind.
Then mix it with a little effort and add a generous portion of self-discipline.
Flavour it with a wholesome pinch of ambition.
Stir briskly with confidence until the mixture becomes clear, the doubt separated from the resolution.
Then bake at an even temperature in a moderate mind until the dream rises and is firm to the touch.
Decorate with individuality.
Cut into generous portions and serve with justifiable pride.
Approached in this manner, life is a piece of cake.
Bryce Courtenay

What are your dreams? Don’t let others bring you down and stop you. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you, encourage you and help you.
Don’t ever give up. Where there is a will, there is a way.

BEGIN living your dream TODAY.

Lots of love and have a brilliant week creating your dreams.

Ann Quinn, Ph.D
Peak Performance Specialist – Quinnessential Coaching

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