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A Step Ahead

WEEK 3 – JUNE 2010

Hi Ann,

Are you keeping ahead of your competitors? No matter what field we are in, we must always continue to improve and learn. Rob de Castella, MBE, sums it up magnificently in this quote today. Rob was a world champion marathon runner, who was also director of the Australian Institute of Sport for five years in the 90’s, and a former Australian of the year, as well as many other accolades too numerous to mention!

If you do today what you did yesterday… we will be beaten
If you do today what others are doing now… we will be competitive,
To win, we must seek to do today what others will be doing tomorrow.
Robert de Castella

Whatever your field, look ahead. Never stop learning. Lead, not follow. Believe, not doubt. Set new standards. Be creative, be daring, be bold. Read, research, discover. Step UP. Go for Gold.

Be Extraordinary


Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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