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Peak Performance Specialist

Do you excel in your field and be all you can be?

Ann has helped many athletes achieve their greatest successes, from winning Gold medals and Grand Slams to guiding top performers and executives to achieve their dreams and create the life they love.

The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is that little extra.

Create a winning game plan and achieve your highest potential.

Whatever you want to achieve, be it on the sporting field, in business or in  life, Ann is the little extra you need to guarantee your success.


Her sporting charges have included Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash, Former World Number One Pat Rafter, World Champions in boxing, kick boxing, Olympic medallists and Paralympic gold medallists, International cricketers and AFL footballers. Her executives are always turning their stress into success and her performing artists have played on stages around the world.


Ann can help you too achieve your dreams to be the best you can be.  Ann energises you into action, and empowers and inspires you to achieve your quintessential potential.  She is the total professional, creative, innovative and committed to bringing out your best.

Get clear. Create your vision.

Get focused.Plan your dream.

Get fit,

Get mentally tough,

Get energised and

Get organised.

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