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An Easter Prayer For You

WEEK 3 – MARCH 2008

Christmas is glorious
Of its Holy gift we sing
Of a manger and baby
Our blessed newborn king

Thanksgiving is so grand
Our thanks to God we give
For His unending bounty
Gracing each day we live

Valentines Day is romantic
A day we are filled with love
Love from spouse and family
Love from the Great One above

But there is one holiday
That rises above them all
Rewarding each one of us
Whether strong, meek or small

Of all of God’s gifts
Easter shows us our fate
Forgiven we will rise
And pass through Heaven’s gate

This Easter remember
The sacrifice of a Son
And through His resurrection
Eternal life we have won

This Easter I pray
That the love of God is resurrected
Reborn and renewed
Inside your heart

God Bless You!
By Jayshree

The blessing of the Lord be upon you…
.Psalms 129:8


Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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