WEEK 2 – JUNE 2007

Here are a few quotes all written by yours truly this week. Enjoy and start living what you dream about. It all begins with you!

As high as I reach, I can grow
As far as I seek, I can go
As deep as I look, I can see
As much as I dream, I can be

Ann Quinn

Stop pondering and start acting. Don’t wait for a break. Make it happen. Begin it NOW. Become the producer, director and actor in the unfolding story of your life.
Ann Quinn

You can never stop getting better.
Look for some small way each and every day to improve the way you do things.

Ann Quinn

Never give up on your dreams.
Everything is possible if you truly believe.

Ann Quinn

Hope your week is absolutely outstanding.

Expect it to be! It is that simple.

love Ann

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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