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ATP World Tour Finals

Week 4 – November 2009

Greetings this week come from the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London where the top 8 players in the world are playing off to determine the official ATP World Tour Champion Player of the year. Here are some quotes from the players themselves.

For any tennis player, it is like a dream to be here.
Juan del Potro

Andy Murray is constantly adding new dimensions to his game .
When you have beaten guys a few times, you don’t want them to think they know how you are going to play them. You have to try and find different ways of beating them. You have to do things they don’t expect sometimes, put something unpredictable into your game. Whoever you are facing — whether it’s Del Potro, Djokovic, Federer or Nadal — there are always things in their play you can look to exploit because there are certain things you can do better than they can.”.
Andy Murray

For Novak Dkokoic, it is very much a mental game.
I think it’s a very mental game and generally a lot of things come from your head and, even though you’re running out of physical energy, you can still motivate your body to do well on the court.
Novak Djokovic

And Nadal is happy to enjoy the journey.
This is my seventh year on the tour and at this moment, at 23, I have won six grand-slam titles, 15 Masters series, 36 tournaments and two Davis Cups, with the possibility of one more in Barcelona in two weeks. Sure, I have not had the best moments this year, but I feel — how do I say this? — I can say thanks for the life. My life is good, my family, my friends, good health, the problems behind me and everything is working well now. How can I not be happy with this?
Rafa Nadal

Serve up a few aces this week too and most importantly enjoy your journey.

With love

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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