How fast are you at getting things done?  Think how effective you are when the pressure is really on! Amazing what you can get done, isn’t it?  I know before any trip away, (and I do lots of them!) what I achieve in the days before departure is always incredible.  You can do this all the time though. Just set yourself a deadline!  Amaze yourself!

Your ability to make decisions and take action is essential to putting your career onto the fast track.
Brian Tracey

Develop a sense of urgency.  Fast tempo is essential to your success.

People who get the job done fast are considered to be better and more competent.
Brian Tracey

And for all the athletes on my list, here is a great one for you.

A race horse that can run a second faster is worth twice the value.

Don’t waste a moment. Go and get stuck into action now! FAST!  Set those deadlines and don’t forget to reward yourself too.

Have a great week achieving heaps!  And don’t forget, time travels fast too, so don’t ever miss an opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Love to all


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