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Be Inspired


Having spent the last week at the USTA US Open for Wheelchair Tennis players, I thought I would share some quotes directly from the players themselves.  Each of their individual records are amazing achievements and a wonderful inspiration to us all.

The key is to always feel as if you are improving and getting better.
Esther Vergeer, Dutch wheelchair tennis player, World Number One and the world’s most dominant athlete.  She has not lost a singles match since January 2003. That’s 426 straight victories and counting!

Are you improving?

My goal is to push the boundaries, and half of it is changing one’s mental attitude. It’s not a “can’t do”, it’s a “can do”.
Peter Norfolk, OBE World Number One quad player and double Olympic Gold Medalist

What boundaries do you need to push?

Anything is possible!
Shingo Kuneida, World Number One paralympic tennis player, double Olympic Gold Medalist and winner of  12 Grand Slams

Thanks to each of you for your amazing courage, strength, faith and inspiration.

Be inspired.

Love Ann

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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