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Consistency is the Key

QUOTE 10, JUNE 2015


Whether you are committed to winning a Gold Medal, the next big business deal or eating healthy and exercising regularly, being consistent is the key. In fact it is the fastest way to achieve any goal. Remember the age-old Aesop fable, about the tortoise and the hare. After being beaten by Tortoise, Hare reminds himself, “Don’t brag about your lightning pace, for Slow and Steady won the race!”

Here are 6 Ways to Increase your Consistency.


 1   Make a Commitment.
Decide the activities that you need to do in advance to accomplish your goal and then stick to it. Do them consistently without fail and no excuses.


2   Establish a Routine.
If you want to exercise every morning, decide the time you will need and put it in the diary to make it happen. Lock it in. It is non-negotiable!


3   No Excuses!  
Let nothing stand in your way. Stick to your daily action plan.


4   Be True to You.  
Do what is consistent with your values, your beliefs, your understanding of your personality and what brings you fulfillment.


5   Do Something.
When you begin, you may lack discipline. There’s nothing wrong with this. Every journey has a first step. The key is to do something, even if it is just a little bit. Do it!    


6   Commit to 21 Days in a Row.
It takes 21 consecutive days to make something a habit. Consistency will be easier once it becomes a habit for you. Will you do what is required of you for 21 straight days? Small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.


Nothing wonderful ever comes without consistent practice. It’s not just a discipline of the best athletes. It’s a discipline of the best human beings. People like you.

Have a great few weeks.

Love Ann


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