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Diamond Jubilee


WEEK 1 JUNE 2012

It has been a fantastic few days here in London celebrating the Diamond Jubilee to mark 60 years of The Queen’s reign. From concerts to river pageants, from jubilee beacons to carriage processions and street parties all over the Country, it has been a fitting celebration for a remarkable lady. I had the great honour and pleasure to meet her a few years ago. She truly amazed me with all the questions she asked, the preparation she had done and interest shown – a real testament of her dedication to her role. This week rather than the usual quotes, I thought I would share a few facts and tributes to Her Majesty.   


She has made 261 official visits overseas, acted as patron of more than 600 organisations, and counselled 12 prime ministers.


The Queen’s smartest move is that she lets no one, aside from prime ministers and senior aides, have the slightest idea of her opinion on anything that matters.


On her first address to the Nation as Queen, Her Majesty pledged that throughout all her life and with all her heart, she would strive to be worthy of the people’s trust. This she has achieved beyond question. The Nation holds her in its heart not just as the figure head of an institution but as an individual who has served this country with an erring grace, dignity and decency.
Prime Minister David Cameron


To have been spared the War, and seen victory, to have fallen in love completely and unreservedly, makes all one’s personal and even the world’s troubles seem small and petty.
Queen Elizabeth in a letter to her Mother


When Prince William was handed a list with 777 names of guest to be invited to the wedding, none of which he or Catherine knew, The Queen told him to  get rid of it and start with your friends. It is your day and we will add others in due course.

It has been said that the art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and change amid order. In this the Queen is unparalleled.


“In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and good neighbourliness … I hope also that this Jubilee year will be a time to give thanks for the great advances that have been made since 1952 and to look forward to the future with a clear head and warm heart”
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth, you are a real diamond.




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