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The Difference between ordinary and Extraordinary

AUGUST, 2017

The difference between ordinary and Extraordinary is that little extra.

This is one of my favourite quotes but how do you become Extraordinary? Becoming Extraordinary is not something that only the talented can do. Extraordinary happens in fact in very ordinary ways!



Showing up every day with a great attitude: be it on the tennis court, in the office, on the field, at the gym, when you are studying, for your family, or wherever you are.

It is having goals that really excite you and keep focused on those goals and how you plan to get there.

Overcoming the obstacles and staying committed to solve the challenges.

Being dedicated to doing all the little things you need to do daily.

Never giving up however frustrated or down or depressed or despondent or angry you become

Believing, even in the face of failure.

Having courage to rise up after you fall and having a go again, every single time.

Hard work and commitment. No excuses

Taking responsibility for yourself

Being positively enthusiastic even when the times are tough

Remaining focused in all you do

Being consistent always, everyday.

Extraordinary is less about talent. It is more about tenacity and grit.

And most importantly having fun and enjoying the journey.

If you want excellence, if you seek extraordinary, then do all the little things that make the BIG difference and make your life Extraordinary

To your Extraordinary success


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