WEEK 5 – MAY 2005


Bonjour from the French Open.  Thought it appropriate this week to receive some inspiration from one of the players.  Agassi was recently asked in an interview ~ “What do you say to people to inspire them to reach their dream?”


“Any dream, just by definition, is a long way off. It’s something that you dream about.  You need to sort of work backwards from it. To me you have to first understand what it is you want to accomplish. You then have to sort of look at yourself and be honest about where it is you actually are. Then you have to set up a plan that keeps you focussed on a million small steps that need to happen that continually build that momentum for your life. So you set your plan, and then you work your plan.  And your plan should include a lot of little victories every day………….Long live dreams.”

He always had a great return of serve.

Have you planned to achieve your dreams? Remember winning starts with beginning.

Au revoir from Paris

Ann Quinn, Ph.D
Peak Performance Specialist – Quinnessential Coaching

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