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Egyptian Reflections


It has been an interesting week to say the least. Four nights in a row were spent in four different countries; spent 6 hours on the tarmac at Heathrow unable to fly out because of the fog; got stranded in Cairo for 24 hours in the middle of the revolution; was a keynote speaker at the World Wide Coaches Conference in Port Ghalib; enjoyed an amazing tour of the Pyramids; a Nile River cruise and then to top it all off; got evacuated in the middle of the night due to an electrical fire in our hotel room in Cairo!

Here are a few quotes from the conference.


Why is more important than what.
Mark Barrell

If you cannot make them champions, at least make them happy.
Miguel Crespo

Kids learn so much from than their environment without even being taught.

Mike Barrell

It is the little details in your routines that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary
Ann Quinn

Sure is good to be back in London!  Hope your week is a great one.

Love and blessings


Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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