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Elite Athletes

Are you mentally tough when the pressure is really on?

Are you your own biggest opponent?

Do you get nervous when the competition gets tight on big points in a match, or perhaps you really don’t believe in yourself?

In sports such as tennis and golf, it is said that the game is as much as 90% mental. How important do you believe it is? 75%, 80% or maybe 90%? If it is that important, how much time are you spending training to improve these important skills? Hmmm?? Perhaps you are not sure how to train mentally?

Learn the secrets of the pros to become even more successful

  • What would you love to achieve? Aim higher.
  • Decide and let’s go for it we take baby steps to success, always achieving and enjoying the journey.
  • Get rid of those negative thoughts that hold you back.
  • Transform them into powerful, positive incantations that energise you.
  • Develop your own winning rituals and habits.
  • Think like a winner all the time on and off the sporting field.
  • See yourself performing brilliantly and achieving your goals.
  • Learn how torelax your way to performing your best.
  • Learn to focus and maintain it when the pressure is really on you.
  • Your losses are your greatest lessons learn from them.
  • Injuries are also a great opportunity to improve even more.

Set yourself up for success.

What you think, you ultimately become.

Ann educates elite athletes as well as coaches all over the world in her lectures. She has travelled extensively and consulted players on the ATP/WTA Tennis Tour for the past 20 years as well as advising professional athletes in a multitude of sports. After a thorough assessment and discussion, Ann devises a program to help you excel on and off the court/course/or field. Become mentally tough, more organised, less stressed and well balanced too.

How does it work?

Coaching sessions are designed and tailored to suit your needs and are structured around your training and competition programs

Click here to contact Ann and find out more.


Ann taught me to not ever doubt myself at all.

Pat Rafter
Former World Number One and twice US Open Champion

Her success goes deeper than telling sports stars what to eat, how to exercise and improve their fitness level, and how to improve their mental attitude. She becomes a part of the family, gets to know some of their more intimate secrets….there’s not much Melbourne based Ann doesn’t know, but she never spills the beans – she’s always tight lipped when it comes to nitty-gritty gossip that everyone would love to hear!

The Australian Women’s Weekly

Ann has made a great impact on my life. I never believed I would become the best player in the world. From Ann, I have learned the power of belief, and realized it in reality with various methods that are both simple and effective. Her constant support, and her knowledge in the mental training, physical training, nutrition and on court drills all helped me win all Grand Slam titles and my dream of an Olympic Gold medal.

Moreover, she helped me become the person I always wanted to be. I have the greatest respect for Ann and trust in her, and always will. Meeting her changed my life.

Shingo Kuneida
World Number One, Golden Gram Slam Winner 2008, ITF Wheelchair World Champion, 2007 and 2008

I’ll be indebted to her for the rest of my days…..I have never seen anyone who puts in the time and detail to their work. She’s just brilliant.

Simon O’Donnell
Melbourne Herald


Dr. Ann has coached me for 7 years, to back-to-back gold medals in the 100 metres at the Pararlympic Games. She is totally committed, a great friend, and has helped me enormously on and off the track. I love having her as my coach.

John Lindsay O.A.M.
Gold Medallist Paralympic Games – 1992, 1996, 2000

They say behind every successful man is a woman and relationships aside, Ann has been that one person for me. She helped me become one of the fittest tennis players to ever walk on a tennis court. And one of the things that makes her so special is not only her incredible knowledge of the different ways to train an athlete but her understanding of the other issues that engulf our lives. Ann is a perfectionist and it shows. She has an open mind and a great thirst to learn and grow and I admire that immensely. She has given me so much strength by her confidence and enthusiasm and without her efforts, I would have given up hope on many occasions. Above and beyond all that is her greatest quality, her caring heart.

Pat Cash
Former Wimbledon Champion, Australian Davis Cup Hero

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