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Energise You



Are you getting the most out of you? Here are 12 Energising Habits to make your day a great one.  Get more energised, more creative, feel better and perform better too!


1    Get up and move. Even for just a few minutes. Walk up the stairs or around the block.  Simply get up and move. Aim to take 1-2 breaks per hour to stay more energised and have more mental and physical stamina throughout the day.
2     Stay hydrated. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Drink little and often throughout the day. Being dehydrated is often the cause of headaches and low fatigue. It  can reduce your concentration up to 13% For more energy, simply drink more water.
3    Be there. Be fully invested in the moment. Listen intently. Your kids don’t need presents (they are always great too.) What they really need is your presence and so it is too with your workmates. Be present.
4    Think like a winner. Speak like one too. Let your passion shine through.
5    Get 7-8 hours sleep each night. It makes all the difference to your energy and your well being.
6    What must you accomplish today? Don’t open your inbox. Take control of your life. Get your most important tasks done first.

7    Express the real you. Be authentic. Be fully engaged in life.

8    Challenge yourself to greatness. Do something that really motivates you, excites you and makes you grow.

9    Visualise your success. Like all winners, see it first in your mind, in detail. Feel your success. Really live it in your mind and then do it.

10    Fuel your body to win too. High performance is also about sustaining your energy with super foods, not high fat and high sugar snacks.

11    Tune in within. A quite mind has direct access to wisdom and insight. Let it guide you to your greatness.

12    Have fun!


Be extraordinary. Make great habits and they will make you! 
Wishing you an energising week.
Love and blessings

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