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Are you stressed out and feeling the pressure? Do you have no time for you, let alone to spend with family and friends? Sound familiar but how do other people manage it? Every elite sports star and business leader is surrounded by coaches and advisors helping them to achieve outstanding results.

Business is just like pro sport. It has high pressure to succeed, daily rigorous demands and high stress. You must be clear in what you want to achieve and the decisions you must make. You must be focused, extremely well organised and expect to achieve even in times of adversity. If your mind is strong, you can achieve anything. Just like athletes, you too can benefit from having a coach, one who challenges you to be mentally strong, optimistic yet tough, whilst combining success and satisfaction.

Let Ann help you become the CEO of your life and create a road map for your own success, health and happiness.




Ann will ensure you achieve your personal goals and totally support you.

She is just as committed to your goals and success as you are.

Dr Quinn has experienced many facets of the business world herself, from managing her own successful international consulting practice for 15 years, then working as National Director of Coach Education for 4 years and then as Director of one of Australia’s top furniture manufacturing companies with over 50 employees. She was also part of the LTA’s Leadership Team transforming British Tennis. Added to that, her consulting and lecturing has taken her all over the world so she fully understands what it takes to wear many hats and be all you can be. She also brings another level of expertise and experience to her clients with her PhD in Psychology. She has helped some of Australia’s top executives in the areas of Telecommunications and IT, Management, Sport, and Elite Coaching, Barristers, Lawyers, Music, Academia and the Arts.

How does it work?

Personal one on one coaching in person or over the phone is tailored to the needs of both company and individual in order to get the best results.  There are a variety of coaching packages to choose from.  Please click here to find out more or simply contact Ann to find out how you can begin to become the CEO of your own life right away. Contact me.


Ann – you have stretched me and taken me to heights I did not think possible and I will be forever indebted to you. The outcomes, strategies and action plans we set together I have to be honest, I thought were too big, but with your support, your belief in me and our detailed plans made it all happen. WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

C. F
Executive Director

Ann – this is a huge heartfelt thank you for your input, your insights, and your inspiration to me over the past year both personally and professionally. I always left our sessions on a high ready to take on the next big project with clear goals and strategies, and most importantly your lovely pearls of wisdom of things to do just for me.

Rina Cohen
Interior Designer

There is surely no more knowledgeable person in Australia than Ann in her chosen field.

Advantage Magazine

It has been a pleasure to be coached by Ann. Apart from helping me organise my life personally, she guided me through all the work topics I brought to the table. She always seems to know what the right questions are to ask and is a great listener. Her support and commitment to me excelling helped me to take my business to new levels. The ROI has been enormous, personally and professionally.

Chris B.

Ann has been a great asset to me personally and professionally. She is a real champion herself in the unconditional support she gives, the motivation she provides and a great sounding board and creative thinker for my many projects. Most importantly, she has mentored me in my own personal development and I know I can achieve all my aspirations.

Alex Swire
Managing Director Bookeeping for Profit

Ann is one of the most remarkable people I have ever had the good fortune of working with. Not only does she give excellent advice, but has so much compassion and genuine interest in her clients that she soon becomes a very trusted friend. Her motivational support and inspiration has forever enriched our lives.

Prof. D. North
Head: School of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Ann has a proven track record as a winning coach and she also walks her talk. Her passion to help and make a difference was evident from our first meeting. She was clearly not going to let me get way with just ok. She challenged me to step up and be all I am today, to better understand me, to lead, to overcome the negative beliefs and obstacles that were standing in my way and to be a more effective manager. She even got me back into exercise again and eating to win. I feel fantastic. Thanks for making my vision a reality. You are simply the best.

Jack T.
IT Project Manager

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