WEEK 2 – JULY 2007

I have had an awesome weekend watching the Wimbledon finals so thought I would share a few words of inspiration from some of the winners, past and present.

From the Men’s Finalists
The Men’s Final was a fantastic five set match. At the end of it all, for a brief moment, Federer was crushed, by the size of his achievement – and his humility in the face of it. For a second, Nadal was crushed, having come so close. But just for a second. “Anyway, so I lose today, “Rafael says to the crowd. And Roger? “I got lucky today.”

And from a previous Wimbledon Winner….

I think I’ve always had the shots. But in the past, I’ve suffered too many mental lapses. Now, I’m starting to get away from that and my mental discipline and commitment to the game are much better. I think I’m really taking a good look at the big picture. That’s the difference between being around for the final or watching the final from my sofa at home.
Andre Agassi

Venus Williams speaking for the Williams sisters: “No matter what we’re ranked, no matter where we are, no matter what the next person says, ultimately we just believe in ourselves and I think that’s what makes the difference.”

And one from me to finish!

To be a winner, all you need to give, is all you have.

Hope you have a great week

love Ann

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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