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Finish Strong


It is the 1st of November already and just two months to go until 2012. Whatever your field, sport or profession, my challenge to you all now is to Finish Strong for 2011. How you started does not determine your outcome. It’s how you finish that matters. I’ve seen too many people start out their year or season with great energy, intention, enthusiasm and passion only to lose their mojo when it is needed most. They end the year feeling tired, distracted, stressed and frustrated instead of being mentally strong, focused, fundamentally sound and passionately driven. They limp to the finish line instead of running through it. Here are some quotes to inspire you to finish strong.


The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.
Stephen Covey – Best selling author








Once cleared, a single hurdle – no matter how high – will always be behind you.
Dan Green








For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.
Author unknown

When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro.
Larry Bird – Three time NBA Champion and three-time NBA Most Valued Player


Enthusiasm provides the energy but passion provides the emotion. When you combine the two, then great things are possible. You will FINISH STRONG.Have an awesome week

Love Ann

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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