Greetings from the amazing city of Beijing. The Paralympic Games have been incredible. So well organised (over 1 million volunteers to help!), so fantastically presented, so professionally done – even the smallest details have been thought of and no stone has been left unturned. And to top it all off, both my players won Gold medals in their respective events as well as bronze medals, so Beijing will forever hold a golden place in my heart. The winners here are not just the gold medallists. It is actually everyone here competing – for just to get here is an incredible achievement.

Here are a few golden quotes from the Games.

On the venue and crowds.
It is stunning. This is the best venue I think I ever played in. It was brilliant. The enthusiasm of the crowd on every point, in between points, it was just terrific. The atmosphere is fantastic. I loved it.
Peter Norfolk – Gold Medallist Men’s Quad Singles – Wheelchair Tennis

Natalie du Toit – RSA – Swimmer who competed in both the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and 2008 Paralympic Games and won 5 medals.
How she overcame mental and physical setbacks in life and went back to her career.

Bad things happen in life. But I always believe that things happen for a reason. Actually you can use the negative thing in a positive manner.

Li Duan – Gold Medallist in the Men’s Long Jump and Men’s Triple Jump talking about his coach
My coach is my eyes and I am like his body. The field is like a stage where we dance together. I told him not to worry about me. I will thank him with my best performance.

My coach always tells me to be modest and prudent in life, but to show my best to all the spectators in the field.

And finally from Shingo Kuneida – winner of the past 7 Grand Slams – who I have worked closely with the past three and a half years
Winning the Grand Slams were all great but my real dream was to win the Gold medal in the Paralympics. I could not have done it without everyone’s support. I gave it absolutely everything.

Hope your week is a golden one.

Love from Beijing!

Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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