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Happiness Tips

WEEK 2 JULY 2011

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback last week on the happiness quotes. It is not often you get such a large number of email responses so it obviously struck a chord with many.  I have thus put together some happiness tips for you.  It is by no means exhaustive!  Do whatever makes you happy!

Live with an attitude of gratitude.   Make time throughout each day to reflect on all the wonderful people and what’s great about your life.

Exercise. Just a short walk or run will lift your spirits and reduce stress.  Simply move.

Reward yourself. Acknowledge you. Treat yourself to a little something, be it some berries or organic chocolate, a massage, or bath, a walk or a small present. You deserve it.

Live in the now. Enjoy the moment. Wherever you are, be there!

Think solutions. Instead of thinking about problems, move to the next step: how to solve it.

Do something you really love. Make time for it. Follow your dreams.

Help others whenever you can. Just a little act of kindness will make a BIG difference.  You always get far more back than you give.


Sit still. Stop. Slow down. Take a power nap. Tune in within and be guided to your greatness.


Sing, Dance, Laugh, Play! Life is to be lived.

Connect with those you love. If you cannot be with them, it might just be a phone call, a short note, or better still, surprise them and make their day, and yours too!


Have one big goal that really excites you and inspires you.  Do something to work towards it everyday, even if just for two minutes.


Get inspired. Read books, blogs or magazine articles about success stories related to what you want to do. It will get you energised.


Have fun. Plan it and make it happen. Celebrate the good times.


Be positive!  If you don’t want to get into positive thinking, that’s okay. Just eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind, and whatever is left will be great.


Do something different. Learn something new. Have fun! Stretch yourself.

Be in nature.  Watch a sunrise or sunset.  Watch the water, whether that’s a river or ocean or lake. Watch the stars, or the clouds. Watch animals. Watch people. Watch children. And be inspired by it all.

Be happy!

Love and blessings

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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