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Happy New Year


Are you ready to be extraordinary, become all you can be and make this year your best year yet? Life is what we make it. It’s an Olympic year and time to plan to win and make your golden dreams a reality.

Here’s a great tip for planning.

Instead of planning just once or twice a year, my challenge to you is to plan twice daily.We get so busy in our lives and become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. We do, do and do! We need to balance all that with thinking, thinking and more thinking. Resist the urge to start working in the morning. Instead plan your day and what you should be doing. What are the 3 most important tasks you need to get done today? In the evening, plan again. Review and plan what is really important for the next day and week. Be twice as effective! You will be much more in control and on top of things and be empowered. Planning twice a day makes an incredible difference to your success.

To help you plan in different areas of your life, after many years of research and hands on coaching experience all over the world, I have developed a questionnaire to assess the 10 key areas of your life: Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Relationships, Career, Environment, Personal Development, Spiritual, Finances, Planning and Recovery.

Within minutes of completing it, you will receive, your own individualised report of 20 pages of simple, powerful life changing tips and recommendations to help you be a world class performer too. It is available now for just £97 ($US 147). And as my special New Year’s GIFT to you, I am also giving you a copy of my latest Ebook which contains 100 proven tips, tools and strategies to become the CEO of your own Life. I even share with you some of my secret weapons for success I have used to train world class champions in many different sports because I want to help you win too.

Click here for this special offer. Scroll down to the end of the page and “add to cart” to make the most of your life. I will even add inemail support for the next 14 days too because I want to help you to win too.

Plan to Win and Be Extraordinary


Wishing you quintessential success in 2012.


Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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