Had a great weekend at The Challenge Internet Conference here in London so today I am  going to stimulate your thinking with a few internet facts! How we market and communicate is changing so rapidly and constantly evolving! Are you keeping up?

1    Facebook has 550,000,000 users – that is 1 in every 10 people on the Planet and               more than half of these people log in every day!

2    Last week in the US, more people played apps on an iPhone than watching TV.

3    In 2003, Google were able to store everything that had EVER been produced on a             Hard Drive.  Today they do that every 2 days!

4    You Tube is the second biggest search engine behind Google.

5    Over 50 million iPhones and close to 5 million iPads have already been sold!

6    Over 1 trillion  URL’s (global address of documents and other resources on the                 www) are being created every day.

7.    Twitter is seeing 90 million tweets per day!

Are you in the game and playing to win?
Wishing you Quintessential Success


Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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