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Leaders in Performance


I recently attended an outstanding conference called Leaders in Performance at Chelsea Football Club. Here are are few gems from some great leaders.

Praise effort, not achievement.
Matthew Syed, Author, Bounce

Be open about your mistakes, so others are more open too.

Always talk about winning. Never stop learning, listening, talking and nurturing the talent of your Company.
Mervyn Davies, Former Chairman, Standard Chartered

It is most important to believe in yourself and have everyone else believe in you too.

I am meticulous about my preparation for a performance. I make sure there is no chance to fail.
I am always a perfectionist. I learn every time I lose.
I aim to be better than anyone else, not just the best I could be.
Mark Cavendish, World Champion Cyclist and Tour de France Green Jersey Winner

If you are not innovating or pushing forward everyday, you will be second.
Geoff McGrath, Managing Director, McLaren Applied Technologies

Be an extraordinary leader.

Wishing you quintessential success.

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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