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Magic Memories



Hope you are still taking action on those 2014 goals. The key to setting yourself up to succeed is to keep it simple and enjoy the journey. So many focus on the next big goal or project without appreciating all the magic memories along the path. Here is a great idea to do that. Get a big cookie jar and a some multi-coloured post-it notes, and then simply write down each magic moment and put it in the cookie jar. You might like to do it daily, weekly or a few times a week. The choice is yours. Appreciate the great moments, what made you laugh or smile, the times with friends and family, the great chats, the small wins, what you learned, the funny times, your travels, the crazy things kids say, inspirational quotes you come across, and all those extraordinary times. Then on New Years Eve, celebrate and reflect on all those little things that shaped your life.
The best part is when someone secretly writes a memory and slips it into your memory jar.
A great gift idea for is for kids to brainstorm favourite family memories from growing up over the years. Fill the jar up with all your treasured times and the wonderful things that being a family has meant to you.

Of course, all the big memories are never forgotten, but it is the little joys, the teensy things that tend to get forgotten.
Sure, things still have to get done, but so does living, so does those sacred moments that make life more amazing, so does laughing and being silly, so does making memories.
Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
Kevin Arnold
Have fun putting together a cookie jar. Be thankful for all the little things that turn ordinary days into magical ones and make them Extraordinary.
love Ann

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