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Middle Class Thinking V World Class Thinking – Part 3


It is now the second quarter of 2011. Take some time out to reflect on your achievements the last few months and importantly too, make sure you plan to win in the next quarter too. Are you taking care of you?  In order for us to serve others better and be all we can be, we first must take care of ourselves. Have you planned in some relaxation time?  What about family time and leisure time too?

What big projects do you need to complete in the next quarter?  What is your Number One goal? Invest the time to plan ahead. Remember it is today’s preparation that determines tomorrow’s achievement.  Be a World Class thinker.

“The Middle Class thinks it knows enough………The World Class is eager to learn.

The Middle Class speaks the language of fear………The World Class speaks the language of love.The Middle Class chooses fear………The World Class chooses growth.

The Middle Class is boastful………The World Class is humble.

The Middle Class seeks riches………The World Class seeks wealth.

The Middle Class believes its vision only when it sees it………The World Class knows it will see its vision when it believes it.

The Middle Class coaches through logic……..The World Class coaches through emotion.


The Middle Class believes problem solving stems from knowledge………The World Class believes problem solving stems from will.” Steve Siebold

Plan to win. Expect to win.  Have fun and enjoy the journey too.

Love and blessings

Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist

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