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Million Dollar Lesson


On my way back from Singapore last week I watched the movie Million Dollar Arm. It was a great film based upon a true story about a sports agent who was with a successful company working with all the super stars and then decided to go out on his own. However it wasn’t so easy. In fact it was really tough and it took years to get some stars on his books. Then, in an act of inspiration while channel surfing between X factor and a cricket game, he gets the genius idea to go to India and hold a contest to find two Indians who have the potential to be able to be signed by the major leagues. It was like the X factor for potential sports stars. His dream was to unearth Indian talent (thinking fast bowlers from cricket could be converted) and make it rich on the endorsements and sponsorship opening up the Indian market to baseball. Of course not everything runs smoothly, but along the way he unearths a couple of contenders and takes them to the US.



There were three key lessons from this film for us all and with these three things, you can do anything.

1.  DIRECTION – Know the direction you want to go in life. In this film he takes two people completely foreign to baseball and in just 10 months does enough with them to get signed by a major league baseball franchise.

Think about this for a moment, in just 10 months these people weren’t even in professional sport let alone had thrown a baseball.

In just 10 months he got them signed.
2.  FOCUS – Once these players won the contest they then completely threw themselves into the opportunity. They focused 100% on the task at hand without distraction.

Just how much do you get distracted in your life from your goals. How often do you get lead astray by an idea that seems cool, but isn’t really in alignment with your key objectives. You get pulled away from the critical task at hand…

You end up walking down the wrong road pleasing someone else but not really managing your own dreams.

Focus is key to get ahead, know your direction and stay laser targeted on the pursuit of it.


3.  DEDICATION – Throw yourself full on into getting yourself ready to be able to play at the highest level you can.
The players in the movie practised day in and day out for 10 months getting ready for the opportunity to throw some pitches in front of scouts. They lived breathed, and ate baseball.

Just imagine what you could accomplish with 10 months of relentless dedication and focus.

Think about 1 year from now. What would you like to have achieved?

Just imagine what you could do with just 12 months of ruthless focus and dedication in one area of your life…

What could you achieve?
What’s stopping you?
Chase your dreams and Be Extrarordinary

Love Ann   


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