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Paralympic Success



My inspiration this week comes from the Paralympics. It has been another amazing few weeks here in London. I think the world has finally seen that Paralympic sport is not only truly elite, but so much more. In fact, part of the legacy of London 2012 may not be the victories of the likes of Mo Farah or Bradley Wiggins, but the fundamental change in the way much of the world looks at disability. What people can achieve by sheer talent and determination is quite extraordinary. A whole new generation has new heroes and new hope.I have had the great honour and privilege to work with many Paralympic athletes over the years. A big congratulations to one of my athletes Shingo Kuneida who won his third gold medal in Wheelchair tennis. It was an incredible come back after 9 months out following surgery. Also to Lucy Shuker on winning the bronze medal too.

The only disability in life is having a bad attitude.
Oscar Pistorius, Olympic and Paralympic runner

The Games highlighted what athletes can do, not what they can’t.
Ade Adepitan, Paralympic Medallist and TV Commentator

Those who admire, respect and are inspired by the magnificent feats of athletes with a disability might reflect on folk who show as much courage, determination and perseverance in their daily personal and professional lives.
Canberra Times


Never mind the medal honour, putting on the gold and green hoody – I can’t explain, unless you’ve represented your country, the honour. The messages from the young kids that I get saying ‘You’ve inspired me, I can do whatever I want to now’ – those are the things that really matter.
Erik Horrie (ASM1x) – Australia – Silver,  Rowing


The Paralympics has lifted the cloud of limitations.
Emily, Games Maker


The Games have shown that people can adapt and overcome anything. I’m not for a moment suggesting that everyone who sustains a spinal cord injury or undergoes an amputation should aspire to compete in a Paralympic event,” he said, “but those athletes are proof that with determination, focus and in many cases sheer strength of will, living with a serious injury can still result in a long and richly fulfilling life.
Jonathan Fogerty, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Spinal Injuries Association, UK


As we have seen over the last two weeks, anything is possible.
Be Inspired. Challenge yourself to greatness.
Be Extraordinary.
Love Ann
Ann Quinn, Ph.D Peak Performance Specialist


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