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Performance Summit Gems

QUOTE 11, JUNE 2013


Am back in the land down under for a few days. The trip to Portland, Oregon last week for the Nike Performance Summit was amazing. Have picked a few inspirational gems for you.


Dream audaciously. Have the courage to fail forward. Act with urgency.
Phil Knight (Co-founder and Chairman of Nike, Inc., and previously CEO of Nike)
The biggest light bulb moment for most of us came from Dr Gabriele Wulf, Professor at University of Nevada 
When learning or coaching, focus on external cues rather than internal cues for faster learning, greater retention, increased accuracy and immediate improvement in everything. It really was for all of us, the 2.0 Communication Upgrade. External cue examples are a golf club or tennis racquet versus internal cues such as our body movements.

Learn to let go of your ego and master yourself. Not training your mind is leaving more than 60% of your success on the table, when it really matters.
Dr Michael Gervais, Pinnacle Performance Center
A tail never wags a dog
Data never tells a coach what to do!
Use your intuition. Coaching is an art.
Dr Aaron Coutts, University of Technology, Sydney
The next four minute mile is childhood obesity. The facts are that the world has stopped moving. Kids associate play with video games, computer, facebook, etc. Sadly kids today are expected to live 5 years less than their parents. The decline in physical activity around the world is staggering (-32% in USA, -20% in UK, and -45% in China for example). The economic costs are unacceptable, the human costs are unforgivable. Urgent priority must be given to dramatically increase the world’s commitment to physical activity. Check out here what Nike are doing to help combat this. It is truly an amazing program.  www.designedtomove. org
I head back to my other home in London in just a few days. Looking forward to connecting with all my clients and friends in the next few weeks and some sunshine too!
In the meantime, Be Extraordinary.


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