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Professional Athlete Environment Assessment

This is not a category you will find in many sports books. However it is one that I believe it is critical to an athlete’s success. As a professional athlete being supported in a great environment makes a huge difference to how you feel and how you perform.

The environment is everything that is around them to support them. It might include any number or areas such as training facilities, equipment, living conditions, coach, fitness trainer, team members, family, travel, study environment, body, clothes and food are just some examples.

Environments can actually stimulate your success as they can support you in doing things you need to do. For example having a great gym in the same building that you train in makes your life so much easier. I can remember training in many venues that did not have the equipment we needed to complete our sessions and sometimes you would drive for an hour.

This would mean warming up and cooling down again not to mention the lost time travelling back and forth. All little inconveniences but over time, these really do add up.

What in your environment do you need to change to ensure your success? What else could be improved around you? Is there anyone in your team that is not totally behind all you are doing? Is your equipment in first class condition? What else could be better? There is always room for improvement! Aim to come up with five things you could do to improve the environment to support you even more.

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