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Questions and Christmas


Hi Ann,

Greetings this week come from back home in the great land Down Under. Christmas is always such a special time of year and I have to say it is great going for runs in the sunshine compared to the snow and freezing weather I left behind in London! Rather than quotes this week, I have created some questions for you to reflect on your 2009. Don’t just think the answers. Ink them!

1 What lessons did you learn this year and what were your gifts?

2 What change do you need to make to feel even more inspired and excited again?

3 What can you be proud of in 2009 – big and small?

4 What do you still need to finish? This could be anything!

5 What are you most grateful for?

6 How will you acknowledge and celebrate your 2009 wins?

This is my last Quinnessential Quotes for 2009 so I hope you all have a magical Christmas and precious times with your family and loved ones. It is the gift of love we share and the memories we create at times like these that are more important than the material gifts we give and receive. Treasure those special times. Also take some time for you to simply recover, relax and recharge so you can be ready to make all your dreams a reality in 2010.

Love and blessings to you and your family


Ann Quinn, Ph.D

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