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Quintessential Tips for a great new year



Happy new year!

Hope 2015 will be an Extraordinary year for you.

Life is too short to play small with your potential. Here are 15 quintessential tips for the year ahead.

1  Follow your passion. Do what you love. It is what separates the real winners in life.

2  A great question to ask everyday from Brendon Bourchard. Who must I become and how can I immediately start living into that truth with my daily practices?  

3  Start today. Take action now no matter how small. There will never be a right time.

4  If it is not in the calendar it is a dead dream.

5  Tune in within. Trust you. It will lead you to your greatness.

6  Simplify everything!

7  Plan time to reflect weekly.

8  Genius is less about genetics and more about obsessive amounts of practice.

9  Go directly to where your fear lives because on the other side of that is where your power lies.

10  Be obsessive about your energy and your attitude. Check where it is at all the time. Is it a 10?

11  Get obsessive about removing all distractions (eg watch less TV, internet, etc).

12  Say no more often.

13  Make time to rest. Sleep is a secret weapon of true A-Players. Recover to win.

14  Live with gratitude.

15  Get a coach, mentor or accountability partner to challenge you, support you and cheer you on!


Be Extraordinary. Be the best you.  

Wishing you quintessential success always.

With love


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